The STEM10 brings together a collaboration of diverse minds inspiring future leaders to be exactly who they’d like to be. It’s about building a foundation for the future by breaking down the barriers to STEM education.

In FANtasies, your favorite social media stars pick the most outrageous fanfiction about them and act the story out in fully realized short films!

Inspired by real threads, this anthology series brings the most outrageous stories to life. The internet is the world’s largest confessional — from online communities and message boards to chat rooms and web forums (think reddit), the internet is a communal vault for our biggest secrets and most traumatizing moments.

Honor, destiny, and sisterly love follow Victoria Young (Anna Akana) and her rebel crew as they journey the galaxy in search of six powerful Orbs that hold the key to defeating the Vortix. Watch the first episode of Season 1 now on go90.


A 27-year-old woman postpones adulthood and looks for love while working for a company that provides entertainment at birthday parties. Watch the first episode now on Freeform.


Her mother brutally murdered… her father in prison for the horrific crime… 16-year-old Isla Wallis returns to her remote hometown to discover the truth about what really happened to her family. Now, alone and abandoned in the icy wilderness, Isla will be pushed to the edge of survival as she fights to expose the killer and save more than just her own life. Watch the first episode now on go90.


A charismatic student body president and his Machiavellian chief of staff give “high school politics” a new meaning as they battle for power over pep rallies, gossip, and grades, with all the ambition and fervor of hardened Washington operatives. Watch the first episode of Season 1 now on go90. Season 2 coming soon!


In this romantic comedy-drama series, two high-school best friends make a promise to get married if they’re still single at 30. A decade later, with 30 quickly approaching, their attempt at upholding their vow unfolds in unexpected ways. Watch the first episode now on YouTube Red YouTube Red.


From the creators of The Most Popular Girls in School, Dr. Havoc’s Diary is a stop-motion animated series that follows the world’s most pragmatic evil villain as he battles his arch nemesis to save the world and get the girl. Watch the first episode now on Fullscreen.


Reid lost his girlfriend. Linus is about to lose his house. This moody musician and mousy coder have nothing in common, except that creating a hit song will solve both their problems. Can music meet mathematics and save these two unlikely allies? Watch the first episode now on go90.


Ella and Tim are roommates, co-workers, and best friends who start a band that makes music inspired by fandom culture. Along with interns Sasha and Denver, they unite their talents to compete in a local Battle of the Bands that will forever change them. Watch the first episode now on CW Seed.


Cooper, a young American, comes to Berlin to find her missing friend but is soon drawn into the wild, seductive club scene he frequented. This lush musical series with original songs follows one year in the lives of a group of expats in Berlin’s kinetic music scene. Watch the first episode now on go90.


What if you could repeat the most important day of your life until you perfected every moment? Receiving her one birthday wish, Allison Lee gets more than she asked for when she’s stuck repeating an epic 25th birthday bash that just went down in flames. Watch the first episode now on go90.


The story of one woman’s journey with a young boy named Colin that she protects as they navigate the strange and dangerous world of Limbo. On this journey, Lain must confront memories and monstrous fears to save herself and the man she loves. Watch the first episode now on go90.


When Oliver finds himself as the temporary proprietor of his Uncle Oscar’s hotel — a boarding house for fantastical creatures — his attempts to maintain order take him on surreal adventures with its eccentric guests. Watch the trailer for Season 1 on Vimeo now.


Amanda technically has it all – she’s an intelligent feminist, talented cartoonist, has a lot of love to give — but can’t seem to get it right in the dating department. Either that, or she’s the victim of some weird, boy curse, because she can’t help but attract one shitty guy after the next in her pursuit of true love. Watch the first episode now on Refinery29.


Jonathan, a brilliant young physicist who tirelessly warns the world of an impending meteor strike, must ultimately choose between saving his family or the world that wouldn’t believe him. Watch the first episode on Fullscreen now.


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